Friday, May 27, 2016

Project Open Scenery - Albania (FSX and P3D)

as part of one of my projects (as you seen in the last post about Austria photoscenery)
I decided to go even bigger and make more photoscenerys for the desolate areas of flight simulator world, I fly a lot over the Balkan in my routs from Europe to the Middle East. and I must say that this area look abandon and sad, there is so much potential, I know that the landscape in this area is amazing. there is a good airports addons for some regions in the area but it not covering and improving the VFR and high altitude experience.

So here I get in.
The first scenery from more to come in this project (OPS-Open Scenery Project) is for Albanian territory.
it covers 28,748 kmwith 2m/pix resolution
the hole scenery take 6.8GB

it been watermasked and blendmasked but there is still work on the water landclass, hope to update it soon
I release it as a beta so if you find any problems fell free to notify.

Download from Google Drive

Download torrent

Download AFCAD 

and here is what it look like, have fun


  1. Great post. I am from Kosovo would be great if you could make the same for Kosovo as well. I have made some of the airports of Albania and Kosovo so I will include them in this great scenery and it will be perfect. Such a hard work done here I appreciate it very much :)

  2. Muito bonito o trabalho mesmo! Sou do Brasil e amo puder simular em outros partes de nosso mundão. Grato pelo excelente trabalho.

  3. I appreciate it very much too. Thank you

  4. I appreciate it very much too. Thank you